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Yo, guess I still haven’t killed the blog. Well I’ve been very busy with studies and stuff so no time for blogging, but I’ve been active with photography, well from time to time that is. Those that follow me on flickr know that I’ve been taking loads of pictures, be it of figures or landscapes. Anyway, this time I decided to try on my figures a technique called Low-Key. Low-Key lighting is a style of photography which often uses only one key light, direct light to the subject or reflected on a reflector. It’s not easy to achieve the effect directly on figures, unless you have a huge table with the source very far away from the subject, otherwise you have to enhance the darks/blacks of the picture on editing programs.
Word of advice, if you are using Chrome you’ll notice that the colors of some pictures are a bit weird. That is Chrome/Picasa fault because on Photoshop or any other program or browser they look nothing like this.

Jo from Bakuten is back after a long period of absence. Here the light was pointed directly at her. Black and White conversion with selective color.



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