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It’s been 3 long years here at AnimeStuff, well it was day 14 that the blog turned 3 years but I completely forgot because of studies and games 😛 . 3 years of pictures of figures, gundams and some games, it’s been fun and all, I thought a couple times in closing the blog but then I thought since I’ve come this far lets continue. In 3 years I managed to get more than 300.000 hits, 300.000 here and more 60.000 on the old blog at blogger, which makes more than 100.000 per year in average, amazing ^_^. The loot has been decreasing but the quality increasing, so quality over quantity right?!?! This time I didn’t made a photo manipulation but made a small video from a couple B&W pictures. Thank you all 🙂 .


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Gunpla 30th Anniversary

2009 marked the year that the Gundam celebrated 30 years of existence, 2010 marks the year that GUNPLA (gundam model kits for those who don’t know the meaning) celebrates 30 years as well, yes it’s been that long , amazing right ^_^?! Get ready, for Bandai has some surprises for this year, some of them have already been announced like the bust of Nu Gundam in March from a new series called the FORMANIA and the 1/48 RX-78-2 in June/July. Also in July Bandai will announce a new series of GUNPLA, what could it be? Many more things about Gundam will come out this year, so if you’re a fan stay tuned to the stores and blogs that follow GUNPLA releases up-close.  Once again for two years in a row, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUNDAM!!!!

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It’s been two years since the creation of Animestuff, nothing extraordinary happened this year in terms of blog related stuff apart from getting more figures and my first PG. Special thanks to Nakano who keeps draining my wallet, and lots of thanks to the avid people that normal comment here, won’t say any names because they know who I’m talking about ^_^. Last year I had the project of creating a mascot, well the idea is still on the table but this time I’ll most likely be creating her by computer, which means I’ll make a 3D one from an already existing model and will clothe her the way I see more fitting 🙂 .



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