Kshatriya incoming

Finished recently the HGUC Kshatriya but still haven’t made a full photo shoot so I’m uploading one picture only, there are a couple more on my Flickr page. I’ll say some quick words about the kit itself… even for a HGUC (1/144 scale) this baby is huge so I can’t imagine a MG version of it, also this is one of the best if not “THE BEST” HGUC kit out there. Can’t wait for a HGUC Sinanju.


Having fun once again in making promotional images of incoming and released figures. This time only made three and one was quite a while ago. For more info on the brushes click on the pictures.

You’ll notice some differences when you click the picture of Nanoha, I made some changes in adding the name and Alter’s label, but by doing that I moved Nanoha a bit too much and she got “out of sync” with the magic circle.

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The 3rd edition of black and white photos of figures is finally here, some day I’ll need to compile all of them into a book (lol). Anyway, I had loads of fun making these pictures, now with a nice black cardboard I can focus in training with black backgrounds. Unfortunately the distance between the figure and the background is not as far as I wanted, or  maybe the light is too strong.

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My first try at changing almost everything in a picture, even the background was changed (cloud picture by CSnyder). Still have some things to change like cutting the edges a bit more and the lighting isn’t ok (still learning by experimentation in this area). The back part of the picture is a bit weird, well that’s because the lens wasn’t opened enough to focus that area, perhaps I’ll take another picture indoors so that it can fit better in the background, and will probably work a bit more in the blood splatters. Got inspired by Dragon Age in doing this, a bloodied Saber Lily 😛 .

Local Pictures

Decided to create two new categories for the blog, one is for Games since I’ve been more involved in video games again and the other is for local pictures of my town, and region which is called Algarve. One of the good things besides the weather in Algarve is it’s scenery and the peace that we have here, apart from some minor incidents which have been occurring lately with foreigners being mugged and assaulted in their homes by eastern gangs, all because of the stupidity that is the Shengen Agreement which I’m completely against, moving on… My town besides being really small has some very lovely scenery, mountains, forests, small river streams, etc. This place is behind my house, around 3km away, we call it Fonte Ferrea which in English we can translate it to Iron Fountain 😛 , why the name?! Well because there’s a fountain there and it’s water is literally filled with iron, try filling a bottle of water there and the bottle will turn brown, so go ahead and taste the water, it’s not prejudicial to your health but you can taste the iron in your mouth. I used to play here when I was a kid, going up and sliding down the hills, running around the woods, and so on. About 6 years ago there was a huge fire in Algarve’s hills which almost devastated this wonderful place, thankfully because of our city hall hard work this place is back to what it was.

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About a week ago I got my hands on one of the first game of 2010, Bayonetta. I had tried the japanese demo for PS3 before deciding if it was worth the purchase, of course I had not seen a single video of the game before. After I started the demo and saw that curvaceous lady walking and talking I said to myself: “ok even without playing the game I need to get it”, this sounds pretty bad and dirty doesn’t it ^_^’ . Well as far as I’m concern she’s the best female character I’ve ever played, and the game action is simply amazing, very much like Devil May Cry but the mixture of combos is way better, plus the character is more delightful to look upon than Dante or Nero 😛 . There are “small” differences between the 360 and PS3 versions, the colours may be a little washed out and some slowdowns exist, not to mention the loadings can be a bit annoying but its not really that bad, its still an awesome game (if you want to blame someone blame sega for the port from 360 to PS3). Definitely recommend the game, if you’re a fan of hack and slash games then you can’t miss this one.
Wallpaper below made by me, changed the colours and contrast a bit of her png file.

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It’s been 3 long years here at AnimeStuff, well it was day 14 that the blog turned 3 years but I completely forgot because of studies and games 😛 . 3 years of pictures of figures, gundams and some games, it’s been fun and all, I thought a couple times in closing the blog but then I thought since I’ve come this far lets continue. In 3 years I managed to get more than 300.000 hits, 300.000 here and more 60.000 on the old blog at blogger, which makes more than 100.000 per year in average, amazing ^_^. The loot has been decreasing but the quality increasing, so quality over quantity right?!?! This time I didn’t made a photo manipulation but made a small video from a couple B&W pictures. Thank you all 🙂 .