The End of AnimeStuff

It is with sadness that I decided to stop all activity on this blog (no joke this time). I had a great time through the years here on the blog, there were posts where I received loads of comments and some other which I barely had any. But all things must come to an end, I will still watch some anime, buy figures when I can but my aim is now other. Although I’m shutting down all activity here I will leave it online.

But when one thing comes to an end another one starts and that is why all of my blogging activity will be here on this new blog r.belela photography . Here I will post my pictures, landscapes, figure photo shoots, some portraits and what ever I shoot. I will try to be much more active there than I’ve been here in these last months.

Again, thank you very much for these past years, I will never forget those that used to post here. If I don’t comment on your blogs I still follow you via google reader and facebook. Hope to see you on my new blog.

Tohsaka Rin the Magus

Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works comes from the same series of GoodSmile figures as Saber Lily, you could say that this is some kind of an elite set of figures due to the high quality of both sculpting and paint job. Unfortunately this figure is not mine and it was lent to me for shooting, so far I’m keeping her safe for the owner, still hoping for one day to return her so that he/she can enjoy her.
The figure is quite stunning and very photogenic, filled with energy and movement, these are the type of figures that not come very often. As expensive as Saber Lily but worth it, if you’re willing to spend that much that is.
On a side note, I’m thinking of “shutting” down this blog and start a new one, aiming the new one to both photography and figures/gunpla. As interesting as the name animestuff is, it simply doesn’t relate to photography and so I’ve been thinking on a new one, will probably have something to do with my real name than a fictitious one. For now enjoy the pictures, more after the jump.

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Yo, guess I still haven’t killed the blog. Well I’ve been very busy with studies and stuff so no time for blogging, but I’ve been active with photography, well from time to time that is. Those that follow me on flickr know that I’ve been taking loads of pictures, be it of figures or landscapes. Anyway, this time I decided to try on my figures a technique called Low-Key. Low-Key lighting is a style of photography which often uses only one key light, direct light to the subject or reflected on a reflector. It’s not easy to achieve the effect directly on figures, unless you have a huge table with the source very far away from the subject, otherwise you have to enhance the darks/blacks of the picture on editing programs.
Word of advice, if you are using Chrome you’ll notice that the colors of some pictures are a bit weird. That is Chrome/Picasa fault because on Photoshop or any other program or browser they look nothing like this.

Jo from Bakuten is back after a long period of absence. Here the light was pointed directly at her. Black and White conversion with selective color.

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There are those times that you just want to sit back and enjoy your own private moment and on special occasions you have someone photographing that moment of yours. So I had Ryomou-san from Nanyou Gakuen to share that moment with me this time.
Quite and interesting figure this one of Mou-chan from Orchid Seed, can say that it is my first NSFW figure. Also used some filters on post processing to “cool down” the colours. Proceed at your own risk, there is some nudity after the click below.

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Travelling around the globe made me see more things that I ever imagined, specially this time of year, when summer has barely started on the southern hemisphere. It was in one of these countries that I met a Japanese girl called Kureha Touka. Walking around on a golden beach with a blue sapphire sea, with her light brown hair being blown away by the wind I knew I had to approach and ask her for a photo shoot. With the opportunity of appearing on a  photography fashion magazine she agreed with a gentle smile to do the shoot on a special scenario set.

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Yo, I’m back. Been away from this for a long long time. Had nothing to write about really, saw some posts on reader of my feeds but didn’t make any comments (yes I’m a horrible person I know), still after a long time I got to do another black and white edition. Have another figure to shoot after a long time and on the meantime I’ve been shooting some old figures as well. Those that follow my flickr have been up to date with my latest pictures, figures and other stuff. Here they are

The white mage appears on the 4th edition again

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